Overview on Datome

Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions is the leading Italian company in designing and developing enhanced services and fully integrated solutions based on blockchain technologies for more efficient, reliable and certified data and information flow management.

Datome is Mangrovia’s Platform As A Service for data modeling and data governance based on blockchain technology. Datome allows clients to easily integrate all the advantages of the blockchain into their existing data infrastructure without any need to understand the underlying technology and the complexity of smart contract development.

Datome combines blockchain technology (BC) , data management (DM) and business process management (BPM) to deliver a robust, secure and scalable Platform As A Service that you can easily configure in self provisioning.

Datome delivers a trustworthy database that can embed your processes and connect to your users, legacy applications and existing BPM or DM.

Traditional enterprise applications that leverage on the blockchain are difficult to configure and limited to tracking changes. Datome, whilst granting an easy configuration, adds the feature of validating such changes and provides trust by design. Picture a crossroad. The usual blockchain enterprise application is like a camera taking pictures of the traffic. Datome is like a traffic warden ruling which cars are allowed to pass.

Without Datome, data is passive and accepts any writing request depending on the scattered rules of each application or user. With Datome, data becomes intelligent, embeds the rules for validating its own updates and may guarantee complete integrity, traceability and lineage via a Finite State Machine.

Already have a BPM? Traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions focus on orchestrating processes and do not deal with validation. Datome connects to your critical steps so you can certify their integrity, traceability and lineage.

Use it as you wish

Datome can be easily used in self-provisioning by the developers of your organization without any knowledge of blockchain technologies but simply configuring JSON APIs. Ask your dev team to subscribe to a free 30-days fully featured sandbox.

No in-house developers? No problem. If you wish to have a fully managed solution, our staff can provide the setup and maintenance you need.

Datome can also be embedded into third party solutions so that, if you are serving your clients via your own application, you can retrofit it in order to provide the added value of data certification. You can opt to fully manage Datome for your clients or let them deal with some settings such as creating their users and privileges.


  • Safeguard the integrity and authenticity of the data when it is written by different applications.

  • Validate incoming information from customers or suppliers.

  • Protect your organization against third party claims (e.g. regulators challenging the correct execution of a process).

  • Enable sharing of the same ledger between third parties (e.g. in case of supply agreements based on performance).

  • Query your data as quickly as from a standard database.

  • Design a process flow into one single environment to simplify its management and the interactions between different systems. This means avoiding risks of errors or duplications, easier management of security, easier compliance with third party certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001

  • Track Assets along the supply chain or along any process and return consistent and valid information for all stakeholders.

  • Simplify data orchestration when your company is leveraging data streaming (e.g. Kafka).



  • Creates a certified database for your relevant processes.

  • Quickly integrable into any IT ecosystem via REST services.

  • Available in self-provisioning or with the consultancy of our staff.

  • Interactable by people, software applications and/or IoT devices.

  • Unlimited Assets, Models, Users.

  • Real time monitoring.

  • Advanced management of Users, groups and related privileges.

  • Documents can be attached to Assets.

  • Consortia-ready.

  • Robust and scalable even across large organizations.

  • Automation of compilations, verifications and operations.

  • Free 30-days sandbox.

  • Independent from underlying blockchain so, instead of Hyperledger Fabric, other technologies can be used.

  • Public page look & feel customization (logo, colors, web domain).

Optional add-ons:

  • multi organization management (retrofit your application to serve your clients);

  • Document Management System;

  • additional nodes and instances;

  • premium support;

  • consulting services.

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